Welcome to Far Reaches Farm

A Rare Plant Specialty Nursery in Port Townsend, Washington

Sue Milliken & Kelly Dodson, proprietors

Welcome to our online store and hope you find many of the rare plants offered as exciting as we do. We’re collectors, propagators, growers and above all, avid disciples of plants. Three things drive the nursery and those are to grow as many intriguing plants as possible in the most environmentally responsible manner while contributing to advancing botanical knowledge and have fun doing it. Technically that is four things but the fun part is a given! We look forward to sharing our phytomaniacal obsession with you and just remember that there are worse things to be afflicted with than a passion for gardening.

We invite you to visit the website of our recently formed nonprofit, Far Reaches Botanical Conservancy, with a mission of acquisition, education and conservation of horticulturally and botanically important rare plants.