Ordering, Shipping & Payment Information

Next shipping week for orders placed as of today: 7/9/18
Please inquire about Canadian orders.

Please mention in your order comments your specific ship date if it is a later date from our upcoming shipping cycle.
We will do our best to accommodate!

(Subject to change due to weather conditions East of the Rockies!)

Please call or email us with any questions or

(360) 385-5114 ~ customerservice@farreachesfarm.com
(Monday - Friday 9am-3pm PDT)

We have many more plants available here at the nursery that are not listed on our online store.
Many are too large or don't ship easily or are in small quantities or we just haven't managed to get them up on the website.


Orders are shipped every Monday and Tuesday (holidays and weather dependent). Plants need to be pulled, labeled, cleaned, wrapped and boxed along with all the necessary paperwork and we have a lot of orders each week.

Ordering from the website is preferred, although we do accept written orders in the mail or by phone. We have no minimum order amount. All orders are filled as they are received with payment on a first-come first-served basis, which means that if you order in February and don't want it shipped until April, we will pull your order in February and hold it until your ship date. In such cases, please be aware of the kinds of plants you are ordering and that plants here might start growing earlier than your climate zone. We can't ship a 5' Lily or a bare root Meconopsis past April but could earlier in the spring or in the fall.

Please note: Additions to your order and combing multiple orders must be made by the Wednesday prior to your designated shipping week so we have time to process your order. We will only combine a maximum of three orders for the base shipping and handling refund. We love saving our customers costs on shipping as we know it is expensive, but the process is involved and has become too time consuming for us as we grow. Thanks for understanding!


We accept VISA, Master Card, Discover, PayPal, and checks by mail. You can make our day and drop by the nursery with cash. Your credit card is charged upon placing your order, which stakes your claim on your plants. Plants being what they are, things can happen to them which we didn't anticipate and if we are unable to fill your order completely, you will be refunded.

Shipping Costs and Carriers

  • Our shipping charges start at $12 to Western States.
  • Alaska and Hawaii shipping is 2nd Day with a minimum base rate of $30.00.
  • East of the Rockies the minimum charge is $15 for 5-7 day Ground.
  • East of the Rockies the minimum charge is $25 for Express 3 day.
  • We also add a factor for the weight and volume of the order. You'll be able to see the exact charge for shipping before submitting your order.

As our plants come in a variety of pot sizes and are widely variable as to price, we could not have shipping prices based on the number of plants or a percentage of the order total, as sometimes someone would not be getting a fair shake. We are happy to say that our algorithm does an excellent job of computing fair shipping charges. Our charges compare quite favorably with other online nurseries when using the same method of shipping, especially when given our often larger container size. We are not making money on shipping. The process is more involved than one might suspect.

  • We use FedEx Ground, FedEx 3 Day, USPS Priority and FedEx 2nd day for Alaska and Hawaii.
  • East of the Rockies we recommend 3 Day or Priority, as we want the plants to spend no more than 3 days in transit.
  • East of the Rockies we also offer 5-7 day Ground shipping. We do not recommend this method and will not be responsible for the condition of the plants upon arrival.
  • West of the Rockies we use mainly FedEx Ground and USPS Priority which also is no more than 3 days in transit. We have had excellent results using these methods and the plants arrive in great condition.
Please note that these are the time estimates for delivery once your order has been shipped and is not how long it will take for you to receive your plants after placing your order. Please see the first paragraph on this Ordering page for clarification.

Shipping Season
We ship year round weather permitting. We do shut off shipping for everyone in August, and December-February (special requests can be placed within these windows). We are weather junkies and if there is weather that is too cold or too hot between us for the method of shipping, then we will delay shipment and notify you. We want your plants to arrive happy and healthy!

We pack your plants carefully in an eco-friendly material. We've yet to see a nursery who says they don't, but it is true - they are carefully packed because they are all our kids. Larger pots such as 1 gallon may have the pot removed as well as some soil, in which case the root ball will be securely wrapped in plastic. Smaller pots will either ship in the container or with the container removed as above, depending on the plant. Dormant bulbs or rhizomes may be sent free of soil and packed in damp shavings. This reduces weight and reduces the chances of shipping damage, because heavier boxes are harder to handle. Damage doesn't happen often, but we do all we can to make sure it doesn't happen.

Receiving Your Order
When you get your order, unpack it immediately and water if needed. Place the plants in light shade until you can plant them. If you are planting right away and it is blazing sun, a little shading for a day or two is helpful. Likewise if you get a serious cold snap after planting, mulching or protecting is common sense.

Damaged Plants
If your box arrives damaged, please accept the order and let the shipping carrier know about it. Open your box and inspect your plants. We have received every possible variation of mangled boxes with live plants and it is amazing how resilient they are. Give them a fair chance before you write them off. Leaves that are rumpled or have fallen off, or similar minor cosmetic issues, do not qualify as damage. Like certain other issues that have come before the Supreme Court, you will know unacceptable damage when you see it. We also need to be notified within 10 business days of your receiving your order if there is damage. We want to make sure you get the plants you want in good condition. Please understand that we have no control of your plants well being after a certain amount of time and will be unable to compensate you for plants deterioration and or demise. It would have been so easy if we loved hose washers instead of plants - shipping those would have been a snap!

Order Cancellation Policy

We understand that life happens and things come up, but being a very small organization the process of canceling and restocking orders is time consuming and expensive. Therefore, we have decided that we will start enforcing a restocking fee of $40.00 per order if it is canceled more than 48 hours after being placed. Please reach out to us at customerservice@farreachesfarm.com with questions, concerns or special circumstances.