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A key mission here at Far Reaches is to have the nursery be more than a production facility to produce goods to be sold. We did not start this business because we love the business of selling and marketing – we did it because we love plants and are immersed in the study of plants. We are committed to having this nursery make real contributions to the science of botany and horticulture and to this end, we strive to introduce plants through seed collections of known wild provenance. We do this partially through the efforts of collectors and botanic institutions around the world but also through our own plant hunting expeditions. These expeditions are generally arduous, unprofitable and expensive but have produced significant introductions to horticulture and for botanical research.

We are able to undertake these expeditions through the generosity of sponsorship and while we do receive academic and botanic garden support, the majority of our funding for these ventures comes from individual gardeners like you.