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Acer buergerianum var. formosanum Acer buergerianum var. formosanum

This rather tender evergreen species comes from subtropical forests in Taiwan where it is endemic. As it differs markedly from the species, there is some thought that it might be something different altogether.  Good heat tolerance and this can tolerate some frost.  Our plants are cutting-grown from a plant we received from the University of Florida.

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Acer oblongum (syn. albopurpurascens) Acer oblongum (syn. albopurpurascens)

A collection of this evergreen species from Taiwan by Adam Black who is the Director of Peckerwood Gardens in Texas.  This Taiwan form was known as A. albopurpurascens but recently has been lumped into Acer oblongum.   We have not yet trialed this outside here but Crug Farm in Wales who grows this suggests a sheltered site protected from freezing winds.  We think it is a candidate for mild gardens here and may go deciduous.

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Acer sp. YuGu 057 Acer sp. YuGu 057

A maple species from southern China, this small-leafed species made for an attractive, robust tree to 25' in full exposure. An area from which few introductions have been made, we may not offer this again for some time. This has been a star performer in the garden of a Seattle maple collector. A Far Reaches Botanical Conservancy offering.

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