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Acer heptaphlebium NV 059 Acer heptaphlebium NV 059

Our collection from northern Vietnam of this very attractive maple species which logic dictates should not be hardy but it has been even in our comparatively harsh environs.  As Spock would say: "Fascinating". Good unabashedly Maple foliage that is a cut above with clusters of salmon-red winged samaras that ably fill the floral void.  Best in part sun as bark can scald in full sun.

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Acer pentaphyllum Acer pentaphyllum

This is one of the rarest Maples in wild known only from a very small and threatened population which was recently rediscovered following its introduction to cultivation in the 1930's from a scarce handful of seed.  Narrow leaflets in 5's or 7's on a usually shrubby small tree and best in a milder garden. Parent plant thriving in Seattle's Wallingford neighborhood.

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Acer sterculiaceum subsp. franchetii H2MD 010 Acer sterculiaceum subsp. franchetii H2MD 010

Our collection from Asia of this fine medium sized tree.  The usually 3-lobed (sometimes 5) leaves are handsome indeed with the new growth often flushed with a light copper overlay.  Excellent at the woodland edge or partly shaded garden sheltered from the worst of the drying sun and wind which plagues us here.

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