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Aciphylla aurea Aciphylla aurea

Wicked New Zealander with defensively formidable stilleto yelloowish leaves in a low dense mound.  This is not only deer resistant but wild boar, komodo dragon and grizzly bear reisistant as well.  This well armored Kiwi has dioecious white flowers in a showy yellow plume.  Good deep drainage.

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Aciphylla scott-thomsonii Aciphylla scott-thomsonii

The largest of the Spaniard Grasses, this is native to sub-alpine montane grasslands on the South Island of New Zealand where it does experience snow.  The plant forms large tussocks whose needle sharp blue-green leaves can reach 3' long.   Perhaps best of all, it has a spike of soft yellow flowers up to 9' tall.  Not a true grass but in the carrot family.

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