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Actaea hybrid (Cimicifuga) Actaea hybrid (Cimicifuga)

Bugbane.  A dusky, dark-leafed plant that appeared as a seedling in our shade garden a few years ago.  We are windy here and which seed from which black-leafed, named form blew in from our sales tables, we cannot say.  We let it be where it landed until it got too large and now it is divisions in pots.  To 4' with late season wands of whitish fragrant flowers.

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Actaea japonica BSWJ8758b Actaea japonica BSWJ8758b

Crug Farm collection from Chejudo Island in Korea from a slightly larger form.  This was found growing in a shaded dry streambed as just 8" tall plants.  The amenities of cultivation has fattened them up nicely and expect 18" or so.  Glossy leaves and white bottlebrush flowers.  Very cold tolerant.

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Actaea pachypoda Actaea pachypoda

Doll's Eyes Baneberry.  Striking woodland plant in fruit - the white puffs of flowers in late spring are ok but the fruit is serious business.  An elongated fruiting spike holds with red stems, round white berries each with a small black pupil.  The common name is immediately obvious and is either clever or creepy depending on how many "Chucky" movies you have watched.  We think it is clever.  All parts poisonous which means deer proof.

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Actaea rubra f. neglecta Actaea rubra f. neglecta

A subtle woodlander for most of spring and summer until late summer and fall when it suddenly busts a move and starts strutting its stuff.  Fern-like foliage backs small white puffs of flowers in May which become showy clusters of bright white fruit in late summer & fall.  The white version of our red fruited native.

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