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Adinandra glischroloma var. glischroloma CDHM 14694
Adinandra glischroloma var. glischroloma CDHM14694
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Family:  Theaceae
Hardiness:  to Zone 8a
Mature Size:  to 10'
Exposure:  Part Sun /Part Shade
Moisture Needs: Average to Moist
Origin: Guangxi China
Price: $18.00
Pot Size: Large Band Pot

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Product Code: P3526

This is likely the first introduction to cultivation of this curious Theaceae or Tea family member from our collection just north of the Vietnam border in Guangxi Province.  We unfortunately neglected to measure the sepals while on the mountain to see if this is var. glischroloma or var. macrosepala - our bad!  But now we all have something to look forward to when it flowers and fruits rather than simply enjoying that it is flowering and fruiting.  We will all be out measuring and counting sepals and the first of us to report in will pretty much rule.  This is serious 99% pure Plant Crack and even we have to cut this stuff to be able to function well enough to do things like buy groceries.  An evergreen shrub to 10' in the wild with long, slightly drooping olive-green leaves prominently hirsute especially along the margins.  Very nice foliage plant!  Flowers are small and white and held along the underside of the branches somewhat akin to Eurya.  The flowers give way to small black fruit.  No idea how hardy this is but we are thinking zone 8 as this mountain endured a serious cold and ice event in 2008 and we saw no evidence of damage to these plants in 2010.  We returned in 2012 and it is this collection that is being offered.  Thanks to Tom Hudson for the accurate identification.  Brilliant.  Ok, it is now some years later on 8-20-2015 at 6:22pm and we just returned to the office with the lamentably insignificant cream flower whose petals barely exsert themselves beyond the green sepals whose reduced number and size places this as var. glischroloma according to the Flora of China.  Look beyond the transience that is flowers, if this had any to speak of, and be wowed by what is really good foliage on a very handsome shrub that will mark you as an irredeemable plant nut.