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Aeschynanthus buxifolius Aeschynanthus buxifolius

A Vietnam species which has been hardy to 15F.  Great container plant with tubular red flowers which can easily be moved inside for the winter where it can serve as a houseplant  until it is time to go back outside.  Or keep it outside until there is danger of frost and then hustle it in and bring it back out when safe.

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Aeschynanthus buxifolius - Chandler collection Aeschynanthus buxifolius - Chandler collection

A collection by Shayne Chandler from the Five Fingers mountain range in Vietnam.  This zone 8 hardy shrubby gesneriad was first introduced by Steve Hootman over 20 years ago from China and it is good to have another collection from a new area.  Tubular red-orange flowers and boxwood-like leaves.

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Aeschynanthus tengchungensis  JN #11049 Aeschynanthus tengchungensis JN #11049

Staggeringly good introduction by Jens Nilsen from the China-Myanmar border region.  This incomparable Lipstick Vine species is comment-provoking even out of flower with abruptly pendulous branches holding thick, long leaves. The red tubular flowers are the cherry on the Aeschynanthus sundae.

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