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Acanthus dioscoridis var. perringii Acanthus dioscoridis var. perringii

An intricate departure from the common, coarser Acanthus, this is far more diminutive with low, finely cut, thistle-like foliage less than a foot tall and short 16" flower spikes with pink flowers. Very easily managed spreader. Ours has been in the ground for several years and last year we finally were able to divide off a few pieces to pot up. Full sun and good drainage.

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Begonia sutherlandii Begonia sutherlandii

A very handsome hardy tuberous Begonia with orange flowers of which it is obviously very proud of as it is not shy about displaying them.  This makes a nice clump and can be left in the garden over winter.  Good in containers although I wouldn't let the pots freeze solid.  Increases well.

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Impatiens briartii Impatiens briartii

We got this perennial African species from Mr. Impatiens, Derick Pittman. Nice pink flowers on numerous stems to 3'. He says it has shown unexpected hardiness to zone 8 but we have not yet trialed it outside, but when we do, we will mulch the heck out of it.  To be safe, overwinter a chunk in a cool greenhouse or garage in the fall.

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Impatiens tinctoria Impatiens tinctoria

An awesome - and I don't use this word lightly - hardy Impatiens from Africa.  John Grimshaw in the UK speaks highly of this species.  To 6' tall in morning sun or light shade with awesome (there i go again) 3" wide flat-faced white flowers with a red throat.  Gorgeous.  Perennial big tuberous roots.  Not a seeding thug.

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Kniphofia thomsonii 'Kichocheo' Kniphofia thomsonii 'Kichocheo'

Collected in Africa and named by plantsman John Grimshaw, this is likely the first offering in the US of this selection which we brought back from Michael Wickenden's Cally Gardens in Scotland.  Muted orange buds open to muffled yellow-apricot flowers that are not strident but mingles well.  Kichocheo is "Poker" in Swahili.

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