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Alstroemeria 'Dayspring Delight' Alstroemeria 'Dayspring Delight'

Quite the stunner and a selection we don't think is available here in the US as this is one we have brought back from the United Kingdom although it doesn't seem too united at the moment.  Very clean white margins to the green leaves which clad the 2' stems with very pleasing burnt orange flowers.  Not aggressive and good tolerance to cold. Just a few.

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Alstroemeria brasiliensis 'Cally Star' Alstroemeria brasiliensis 'Cally Star'

A fine variegated selection originating at Cally Gardens in Scotland and given to us by the late Michael Wickenden who named it.  Michael was a plantsman of the keenest sort and he is sorely missed.  Good clean cream margins on the young leaves which turns white as the foliage matures.  The variegation plays well with the red flowers atop the two foot stems.  We reckon this is the first introduction of this choice plant to the US and we have just a few.

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Alstroemeria isabellana, Bomarea 'Fred Meyer' Alstroemeria isabellana

We got this from Maggie at Western Hills some years ago as an Alstroemeria x Bomarea hybrid called 'Fred Meyer'.   Thanks to Martin Grantham at UC Davis, we finally have the correct name.   This is a rare and surprisingly hardy species from Brazil which does great outside for us.  Pink corolla tube with green petals and yellow throat.  Not aggressive.

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