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Arisaema amurense Arisaema amurense

Very hardy Jack in the Pulpit which is the Asian equivalent of our eastern US Arisaema triphyllum.  This Jack is native to the Russian Far East, northern China and Korea and is a variable species but always has green flowers with stripes that are usually white but can be sort of a chocolate purple.  Good bulb for light shade to morning sun.

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Arisaema sikokianum Arisaema sikokianum

This is a heralded Japanese Jack in the Pulpit whose species name sikokianum I believe translates into English as 'divine whup-ass' because this truly and gloriously kicks some tail in the garden.  A mysterious yet provocative regal beauty.  A classic for the shade garden.

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Arisaema taiwanense Arisaema taiwanense

One of the premier species in the genus with magnificent big leaves comprised of numerous broadly lanceolate leaflets radianting from a central axis and terminating in a fetching long drip tip.  Brownish chocolate hooded flowers below the leaves are followed by red corncob fruit.  From Taiwan.

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Arisaema tortuosum Arisaema tortuosum

Tall Jack in the Pulpit.  These grow into big boys with a big green flower and distinctive vertical spadix held well above the foliage.  This merits that overused word of awesome especially when it gets 5' tall and you are eye-to-eye with that intriguing flower.  Showy seed cluster too!

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