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Aristolochia baetica Aristolochia baetica

Andalusian Dutchman's Pipe.  Native to Portugal, Spain and hopping across Gibraltar to North Africa, this curious vine with its heart-shaped leaves always gives pause with its small mahogany-purple flowers shaped like trippy little saxophones.  We find it nigh unto impossible to walk by without stopping to admire the pixie quirkiness.  Comparatively large seed pods follow the flowers.

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Aristolochia sempervirens Aristolochia sempervirens

Quirky little evergreen vine from the Mediterranean that brings delight far out of proportion to the size of its flowers. Small curved pipe-like flowers are a subtle burnished pale flesh on the outside accented by thin reddish lines.  The flared pipe bowl is a perky yellow with faint lines in the back of the throat and a rim of umber, delicately whiskered.

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