November 25th, 2020

Hi Folks!

On this Thanksgiving Eve, we know there are many struggling to find gratitude.  We feel extremely fortunate to have a business in Far Reaches Farm and a nonprofit in Far Reaches Botanical Conservancy that were able to adapt to the new “normal’.   Both entities not only remained viable but have made progress forward despite the difficulties.   This would not have happened without our FRF friends and our amazing nursery crew or our dedicated FRBC board, volunteers and donors. A heartfelt thanks to all.  Just so you know, you all share the top spot on our gratitude list with our two dogs, Callie and Senna, who continue to keep us tethered to joy.  

On the nursery front, we are starting to get requests for holiday gift certificates which can be used online or currently for nursery pickup.  The hands-on work has been repotting stock plants and propagating like mad because plants are not that different than chocolate – they just make you feel better and we all need more of that.  Speaking for ourselves, of course, and so sorry for those who can’t do chocolate – we would suggest doubling up on the plants!......    One seed pot just sown is from Codonopsis lanceolata, pictured flowering in our shade garden.  This perennial Campanula relative makes annual vines each year and climbed to 13’ this year which made us smile often.


Codonopsis lanceolata

Codonopsis lanceolata

Lilium majoense

Lilium primulinum var. ochraceum

Cautleya gracilis

Cautleya gracilis

Thank you and keep well – just a little over three weeks until the days start getting longer!

Kelly Dodson, Sue Milliken and the Far Reaches Crew

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Port Townsend WA 98368

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