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Asarum caudatum Asarum caudatum

Our selection from the California Redwoods of a large-leafed and vigorous clone of Wild Ginger. This sports large glossy green leaves which mask the sizable brown starfish flowers hidden underneath.  We always like surprises.  A dense big groundcover in shaded rich moist soil.

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Asarum caudigerellum Asarum caudigerellum

Great foliage on this Wild Ginger from China which keys most closely to the species caudigerellum. A mist of white spray droplets on the leaves is especially vivid on the young foliage making this very desirable.  Small tan to soft red flowers are a welcome addition. We have seen nice clumps of presumably this species in Vietnam looking fabulous on the forest floor among the bright buff trunks of Camellia trees.

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Asarum europeum Asarum europaeum

This is the evergreen European Wild Ginger which is such a performer in the shade garden.  I recall a particularly memorable patch at the Chase Estate outside of Boston many years ago which fueled my desire to grow this.  Really easy and hardy and not as high on the slug gnosh list as the Asian species.  Check it out in our younger shade garden.

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Asarum nipponicum Asarum nipponicum

A smaller Japanese Wild Ginger that eventually clumps quite densely.  It looked good in our garden for many years but we dug it and potted it so we could share these and must plant some back.  Small heart-shaped leaves with an irregular central green isthmus flanked on either side by a froth of silver.  Small purple-brown flowers are not missed hiding under the fine leaves.

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