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Aspidistra sichuanensis 'Hammer Time' Aspidistra sichuanensis 'Hammer Time'

Found in China by Gary Hammer and named for him by pop-faux rap afficionado Tony Avent who is rumored to secretly favor those baggy pants in the old MC Hammer video. this is one we received via the old Asiatica Nursery of Barry Yinger.  Nice cream speckling on evergreen leaves and maroon flowers set flush in the soil.

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Aspidistra sp. - From China Aspidistra sp. - From China

This came to us via China from the old Asiatica Nursery at the end of its run and have not yet sussed out an ID for it.  Good green leaves nicely covered in pale spots.  The spots are not sharply defined and are quite blurry - don't worry - it's not you so no need to blame it on the overindulgence of last night.  Good in shade.

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Hosta ventricosa H2MD 071 Hosta ventricosa H2MD 071

Our collection of this admittedly plain green-leafed hosta which might be easily be passed over without access to the full story but we feel the lack of variegation and absence of an inspired marketing name is more than offset by the considerable panache attached to a documented collection of wild provenance. Nerd up, yo. Violet flowers.

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