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Aucuba japonica 'Katsunuma Nishiki' Aucuba japonica 'Katsunuma Nishiki'

One of the better selections of Aucuba and very rare in the nursery trade (actually can't find anyone offering this via Google). This was brought to the US by the now defunct Asiatica Nursery and shared with us by Lance Reiners. Narrow leaves consistently freckled in gold presents as major pizzazz with unmistakable elegance.  A tough evergreen tolerant of dry shade once established.  Zones 7-9.

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Aucuba japonica 'Mangetsu' Aucuba japonica 'Mangetsu' - Nursery Pick Up Only

Very uncommon Japanese selection that came out of Asiatica Nursery at the end of its run.  This is a pretty stellar foliage plant whose new growth is richly colored in yellow which greens up as the leaves mature.  It is an unexpected and exciting eruption of color when growth commences and the muted colors of winter are in keeping with the season. Tough evergreen tolerant of dry shade but with water, it will grow faster.

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Aucuba omeiensis DJHC 763 Aucuba omeiensis DJHC 763

A collection by Hinkley from Emeishan in Sichuan which some have placed in Aucuba chinensis var. chinensis but generally omeiensis is accepted.  Very distinctive with broad pale green leaves on a vigorous tree-like shrub which can hit 20'-30' at which point one can debate whether this is a tree or a shrub.  This is cutting-grown from a male clone and appreciates a shaded setting.  If you have been needing a conversation piece Aucuba............

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