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Bergenia 'David' Bergenia 'David'

A hybrid Bergenia from the breeding work of Rosemarie Eskuche in Germany.  'David' has smallish leaves which stand quite upright taking on good color in the winter.  Being smaller and upright lends itself to containers or the rock garden.  Intense pink flowers on stems to 16" in spring are impossible to ignore unless of course you decorate with plastic flamingos.

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Bergenia 'Eric Smith' Bergenia 'Eric Smith'

Long my favorite Bergenia with large upright broad paddles of leaves which turn the  best maroon in the winter of any in the genus.  Oh sure, the dark pink flowers are good in spring but this plant is one of the few reasons I look forward to winter.  Galanthus for contrast - oh my.

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Bergenia ciliata var. ciliata Bergenia ciliata var. ciliata

A very distinct form of this species which was collected in Nepal by Tony Schilling and shared with us by David Mason of Hedgerows Nursery.  A good spreader rather than a clumper, the rounded ping-pong paddle leaves offer much as a small-scale groundcover.  White flowers in early summer.  Deciduous to semi-deciduous.

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