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Betula litwinowii NCE182
Betula litwinowii NCE182

Family: Betulaceae
Hardiness: Zone 3
Mature Size: 40'
Exposure: Sun-Half Sun
Bloom Time:
Moisture Needs: Moist to Average
Origin: Caucusus, Georgia, Russia to Iran
Price: $20.00
Pot Size: Large Band Pot

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Product Code: P3875

Seed of this Birch was collected on an expedition to the Georgian Caucasus of which Goteborg Botanic Garden was a participant.  Betula litwinowii is intermediate between B. pendula and B. pubescens and some authorities have placed this as a subspecies of B. pendula.  Field work has shown how difficult birches are to identify in this area due to several species growing together along with intermediate characteristics resulting from possible hybridity as well as morphologic variation resulting from altitude and exposure differentials.  This conundrum of identification can be summed up succinctly - birches are a bitch!  Betula litwinowii will become a fine tree in cultivation and mature trees in the wild showed excellent white bark.  Very hardy to zone 3.