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Betula austrosinensis FMWJ13149 Betula insignis subsp. fansipanensis FMWJ13149

A collection from Lao Cai, Phansi Pu valley in northern Vietnam at 1760 meters. A lot of plants have been proving hardy for us coming out of north Vietnam and we look forward to testing this 2011 collection. This looks like it will be a fine tree with bronzed new growth. We're guessing zone 7 until we know better. An interesting rarity.

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Betula utilis KR9988 Betula utilis KR9988

A Keith Rushforth collection of this very ornamental species from a remote and little explored area in the eastern Himalaya.  Keith is one of England's leading authorities on trees and a veteran of numerous plant hunting expeditions.  Betula utilis is notable for exceptional bark and numerous selections have been named based on this characteristic.

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