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Bletilla striata 'Ogon' Bletilla striata 'Ogon'

Very collectible selection of this hardy orchid which boasts - yes, boasts, unique, light chartreuse foliage. This orchid sounds a bit like an NBA player after throwing down a one-handed jam from an alley-oop "Yeah! Lookit me! Me! I'm a badass orchid! You ask yo mama how bad I am!"  Purplish flowers with those leaves - it really is badass.

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Bletilla striata ('Shi-ran') Bletilla striata ('Shi-ran')

This is a cultivar being exported from Holland.  The flower color is a shade darker than typical so that is good.  What isn't good is that this is an imposter.  One reference we found says the flowers should face upwards, this doesn't but if it did, it would merit clonal naming.  "Shi-ran" is simply the Japanese name for Bletilla

Price: $16.00
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