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Myriopteris myriophylla Myriopteris myriophylla

Formerly in the genus Cheilanthes, this dryland fern is found in Mexico, Central America and Argentina and just recently, one site in Brazil.  Evergraygreen fronds of fine texture are densely vertical on this smaller fern.  Perfect candidate for the rock garden or container for milder gardens - doing well at Berkeley Botanic Garden

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Alstroemeria isabellana, Bomarea 'Fred Meyer' Alstroemeria isabellana

This is a rare and surprisingly hardy species from Brazil which does great outside for us.  Pink corolla tube with green petals and yellow throat.  Not aggressive.

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Alstroemeria psittacina 'Royal Star' Alstroemeria psittacina 'Royal Star'

Nice variegated Alstroemeria with clusters of narrow tubular red and green flowers which are a nice departure from the gaudiness of so many of the hybrids.  Easy in a sunny spot and tolerates some drier conditions.  Prefers a well-drained soil.

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Fuchsia campos-portoi (UCBG Clone) Fuchsia campos-portoi - UCBG clone

A cold-tolerant species from Brazil that was discovered in 1934.  This not-so-common species gives the effect of a smaller Fuchsia magellanica with the small deep pink and purple flowers but on a smaller scale.  In our cooler climate, this will get to 3' or so while in warmer, longer season zones, perhaps to 5'.  Once well established, this will spread gently via rhizomes but easy to keep in bounds and perfect for sharing, furthering your propagation reputation.

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