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Cardamine californica var. sinuata 'Humboldt High'
Cardamine californica var. sinuata

Family:  Brassicaceae
Hardiness: Zone 6b to zone 9 Mature Size: 8"
Exposure:  Shade / Part Shade
Moisture Needs:  Average to Moist
Origin: Northern California
Price: $18.00
Pot Size: Medium Band Pot

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Product Code: P3543

This is a superb little plant we found in the redwoods in northern California a few years ago when we were driving back from giving some lectures in the Bay Area.  It was an unremarkable place to stop to look for plants, nothing to distinguish it from the hours of driving before or after and really, more of pee stop for us and the dogs than any serious intention of botanizing.  We found not only a very vigorous and large-leafed form of Asarum caudatum (which we offer) but also this exceptional richly colored leaf form of this Cardamine which we feel merits a clonal name and we'll come up with one shortly after a glass or two of inspiration. (Breaking news - duly inspired, we have named this 'Humboldt High' in 2016 acknowledging the county of origin, the county's main industry of pot growing in the hills and the silly grins that result not only from partaking in that industry but in our case, from viewing this little gem in flower.) The leaves are a deep red purple on the underside and the early spring new growth is a richly patterned purple on the topside that could easily stand alone without assistance from flowers.  Small divisions were secured and we are finally able to offer this Cardamine which is always an asked-for plant in our shade garden.  The flowers are either pink or light purple depending on your perception of color which in our house is clearly delineated by gender with real men seeing pink.  These bloom for many weeks and frustratingly have never set a seed and so we propagate by division of the thin rhizomes.  We were able to key it to C. californica with some shaky certainty given the lack of consensus among the various floras.  Fortunately we had a Cardamine expert in Alex Wright visit the nursery and we sent him home with one of these to puzzle out and thanks to him for the correct name of the moment because this group of Cardamine will likely see some taxonomic revision before long.