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Cardiocrinum cordatum var. glehnii
Cardiocrinum cordatum var. glehnii

Family:  Liliaceae
Hardiness:  Zone 6b
Mature Size:  4' - 6'
Exposure:  Shade to Part Sun
Moisture Needs:  Moist
Origin: Japan
Price: $18.00
Pot Size: Medium Band Pots

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Product Code: P1897

Chunky bulbs of this cool Japanese relative of the giant Himalayan Lily, Cardiocrinum giganteum.  Nice white flowers with a slight greenish cast on stems up to 6' high which is perfect nose level for enjoying the excellent fragrance.  These look like a glossy Hosta until they get large enough to flower (we had one bloom from this group last year) at with point it shoots up this tall with flower stalk with the big flowers clustered on top.  After all that effort the main bulb dies but it usually produces multiple offsets which will flower in succeeding years.  In any event, it makes a lot of seed! it This loves a lightly to semi-shaded spot in a rich moist soil.  We've heard folks say it is hardy to zone 3 but that must be with snow cover which doesn't count! Sue used to grow Zone 6 plants in her northern Vermont Zone 3 garden because of deep snow cover.  Here in Port Townsend, an inch of snow shuts down the town and people start thinking about skiing on the golf course.  We never get deep snow cover but we're not complaining.