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Cautleya cathcartii - soft yellow Cautleya cathcartii - soft yellow

Cool member of the true Ginger family, this has torches of soft yellow flowers held above the corn-like foliage.  Blooms reliably here unlike a lot of it's kin with flowers in July & Aug.  Adds an easy tropical look.  This has been sold as C. lutea and C. gracilis.  Rich & moist but not boggy.

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Cautleya spicata 'Arun Flame' HWJK2172 Cautleya spicata 'Arun Flame' HWJK2172

A collection from Nepal deemed distinct by Crug Farm Plants in Wales.  From terminal bud cones in mid to late summer, yellow-orange flowers spout from prominent red bracts.  The foliage is red-tinged underneath and is held on dark stems.  Clumps nicely and the species as a whole is of elegant presentation.  Moist, rich and mulch if winter is cold.

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Cautleya spicata 'Crug Canary' BSWJ2103 Cautleya spicata 'Crug Canary' BSWJ2103

Cautleya have proved to be excellent plants for the garden here and one of the best is this Wynn-Jones collection from the Darjeeling area in northern India.  Good red bracts hold yellow flowers in a tropical embrace during August into September in your temperate garden.  Part sun to light shade in rich moist soil.  Mulch in winter in case of arctic annoyance.

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Cautleya spicata 'Robusta' Cautleya spicata 'Robusta'

Be forewarned - growing this plant can lead  to an obsessive and unreasoning mania for the hardy Zingiberaceae.   Oh sure you laugh - how can I be entrapped by something I can't even pronounce?  Put it in moist soil that drains and try not to love the orange-yellow torch-like flowers.  Must have.

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