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Chaenomeles japonica 'Atsuya Hamada' Chaenomeles japonica 'Atsuya Hamada'

Northwest late great plantman Roy Davidson found this growing wild on the shoulders of Mt Fuji in Japan and brought cuttings home.  This Japanese Flowering Quince has deep red flowers which smolder with the same intensity as that long evening of urgent abandon with that Spaniard in Barcelona where anything was fair game again and again and again...........

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Chaenomeles 'California' Chaenomeles x californica 'California'

An older cultivar introduced in 1948 by Walter Clarke of Clarke Nurseries in San Jose who was blazing new trails in breeding Chaenomeles by crossing C. cathayensis and the hybrid x superba.with the resulting crosses called x californica and then he just had to name one 'California'.  This has showy pink and rose-pink flowers.

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