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Chrysanthemum 'Cottage Apricot' Chrysanthemum 'Cottage Apricot'

More widely known as 'Apricot', this is one of the stellar performers in the fall garden where its seemingly artless open display of classically simple single flowers of peachy pink ray petals around a yellow eye belie a scrupulous attention to detailed presentation behind the veil of nonchalance.

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Chrysanthemum 'Froggy' Chrysanthemum 'Froggy'

A startling addition to the cut flower palette with tight button pom-pom flowers of a very nice green.   We were skeptical at first but then we saw it bloom and now we are converts.  Thanks to Jim Fox for sharing with us and we won't doubt him again..

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Chrysanthemum 'Snow Dome' Chrysanthemum 'Snow Dome'

Fantastic hybrid garden mum with small green leaves backed in silver and the whole plant forming a very dense mound just 16" tall and  2' across.  Foliage alone is worth growing this plant but when it covers itself in fall with small white flowers with a prominent yellow central button, you can pat yourself on the back for a choice well made.

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Chrysanthemum 'Sunrise Blush' Chrysanthemum 'Sunrise Blush'

One of two similar but subtly different chance seedlings in our garden thanks to the tireless hybridization efforts of our various bee species. Apparently they visited the nursery and purloined pollen from 'Dixter Pink' or 'Cottage Apricot' and placed it on our Chrysanthemum yezoense - awesome! Why didn't we think of that?  Softly pale pink flowers with petals flat to slightly reflexed.

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Chrysanthemum yezoense Chrysanthemum yezoense

This is a true jewel and one we always look forward to seeing in the fall when the tabletop sized patch of low dense dark green leaves are alight with outrageous large white daisy flowers. Talk about contrast with so many of the hot colors of Autumn!  In taxonomic flux, we previously offered this as Nipponanthemum nipponicum.

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