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Chrysosplenium davidianum Chrysosplenium davidianum

Cute little evergreen small-scale groundcover from moist shaded habitats in China.  We saw this growing in very moist shade in deep moss over rocks which carried seepage from the summit of Wumeng Shan.  Interesting clusters of yellow flowers and has proven perfectly hardy for us.

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Chrysosplenium macrophyllum MD1525 Chrysosplenium macrophyllum MD1525

Our collection from a plant with particularly good red-purple new growth where it was growing in rich soil moist soil in open woodland with a few plants of the rare Primula ovalifolia as neighbors.  This is groundcover with strawberry-like stolons terminating in a plantlet which will root where it touches.  Lovely thing with pale flowers above the bold foliage in early spring. The species handles the east coast as well growing in the Dronenburg-Weil garden in Maryland.

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