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Clematis 'Lunar Lass' Clematis 'Lunar Lass'

A hybrid of Clematis marata and C. marmoria from Graham Hutchins of the famed County Park Nursery in New Zealand.  This fairly tender little evergreen creeper has early spring female flowers of greenish-white which are strongly scented of citrus.  Perfect little container plant to overwinter in the cool greenhouse or outside in mild areas.

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Clematis - Integrifolia Group seedlings Clematis - Integrifolia Group seedlings

These are seed-grown from our plant of 'Hakure' which is often seen as 'Hakuree'.  The parent plant was bred and selected by Hiroshi Hayakama in Japan in the early 90's who chose this for its floriferous display of white flowers just touched with fleeting lavender and sporting twisted tepals.  Our seed-grown progeny will vary from deep purple to white but all will be good. 18"-30" tall.

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Clematis integrifolia Clematis integrifolia

Sweet little herbaceous species from cold areas in eastern Europe on into Russia.  This gets just a couple feet tall give or take and has lovely pendant flowers in shades of blue.  Often the petals have a bit of a twist adding even more charm.  Good in containers and fine in the garden.

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Clematis otophora MD 15-19 Clematis otophora MD 15-19

A collection from Zhejiang Province from the fall of of 2015 where it grew in an open forest setting around a former temple site on a mountain. This collection represents a significant range extension to the east based on Flora of China's range to western Hubei. Large showy seed heads on this rare semi-evergreen to deciduous vine. Flowers yellow bells.

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Clematis aff. repens Clematis repens BO Collection

A rare wild collection of this species from Hailuogou, Luding, Sichuan at 2750 meters whose identity was in doubt until flowering.  A creeper to low climber in the wild, this collection comes from a cold and wet area so should be good here.  Small yellow bells are most attttractive and would love a rotting log.   Moist bright shade.

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Clematis versicolor - Humphreys Co, TN Clematis versicolor - Humphreys Co, TN

Leatherflower Clematis.  This infrequently encountered southeastern US native is just a gem.  Rambling small vines to 8' at the most with fuchsia-purple closed bells which turn to white at the flared sepal (petal) tips.  This blooms in late spring but continues to flower sporadically into fall.  A collection from Humphreys County Tennessee.

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