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Cotoneaster sp. CCHH#8228 Cotoneaster sp. CCHH#8228

A collection from the Cangshan of this ornamental species by intrepid plant hunter Steve Hootman of the Rhododendron Species Botanic Garden.  For a Cotoneaster to steal Steve's attention away from Rhododendrons in the field, you know it must be good.  Short upright 3' branches with large red fruit and glossy dark green leaves,

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Cotoneaster sp. CGG 14016 Cotoneaster sp. CGG 14016

Our collection from Asia of this low growing - prostrate actually - creeping Cotoneaster. It is one we admired as it crept over a rock face along the trail and we kept going, not intending to collect seed. Looking back, we saw our friend and great plantsman Peter Cox collecting seed so we scampered back to do the same.  Found in the range of C. dammeri but there are 111 species in China alone.

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Cotoneaster verruculosus MD97-271 Cotoneaster verruculosus MD97-271

Our 1997 collection from Yunnan of this Cotoneaster species which caught our eye then and continues to catch our eye.  In the wild, it looked especially appealing with its bright red fruits and sporadic crimson leaves contrasting with the white marble rubble which had spalled from the cliff above.  Marble is not required.

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