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Athrotaxis cupressoides Athrotaxis cupressoides

Pencil Pine.  Very interesting conifer from the highlands of Tasmania where it is threatened due to fires and degradation of habitat from grazing and too many Eucalyptus.  The leaf scale are tightly appressed to the stem so the green branchlets do look very pencil-like.  A moderate grower with old-growth trees 30'-60' but you won't have to worry about it - it takes a while.

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Hesperocyparis pygmaea (syn. Cupressus) Hesperocyparis pygmaea (syn. Cupressus)

California native conifer from seed collected from the Pygmy Forest in Humboldt County. This unique population is naturally dwarfed from growing on nutrient deficient podosol soil with a high aluminum content that overlays a high iron hardpan. This will grow normally for you becoming a lovely drought tolerant tree.

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