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Dahlia 'Bishop of Canterbury' Dahlia 'Bishop of Canterbury'

A wild combination of bright magenta flowers and dark foliage which, after our initial recoil of horror, we have come to appreciate and indeed, admire. We have enough botanically interesting plants with green flowers and things ending in "minutiflora" that a blast of color is a rush and a good reminder that color is fun.  We can leave our Dahlia in the ground over winter here.

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Dahlia imperialis Dahlia imperialis

Tree Dahlia.  This gets 20+ feet tall.  I repeat, 20+ feet tall.  With stalks as thick as your arm, this gives the effect of a large clump of Bamboo but no it's a Dahlia.  One would imagine the flowers to be the size of trash can lids but are normal 5" lavender pink blossoms.  Excellent cut for tall vases.

Price: $20.00
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