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Daphne albowiana Daphne albowiana

This uncommon Daphne calls the Caucasus Mountains home and we find even its glossy green leaves an ornamental asset but really, one grows Daphne for the flowers.  This has terminal clusters of narrow yellow flowers which are very pleasant and the fun continues after blooming with good display of showy red fruit.  Which is where these came from.  Best in part sun and does great at woodland edge.

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Daphne mezereum Daphne mezereum

February Daphne.  Narrow upright small shrub whose bare branches are clad in early spring with lots lavender pink flowers.  The light blue green leaves appear after the flowers are done and all in all is very desireable plant.  These are small starter plants which will settle right in.

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Daphne tangutica Daphne tangutica

One of the good ones which we were delighted to see in Yunnan in '97 where it looked just as good in the harsh open scrub glades as it does here in the cushiness of the garden.  Glossy evergreen leaves and fragrant clusters of pink budded white flowers.  Nice red-orange fruit too.

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Daphne wolongensis MD06 ex China Daphne wolongensis MD06 ex China

Uncommon species which has proven durable in containers and in the garden where it handled the 12F nasty winter of 2016-17 with equanimity.  Pink-backed white flowers followed by red fruit on stiffly upright stems.  From Erlangshan in Sichuan growing with the rare Epimedium flavum on a slope with Cardiocrinum in the wet thicket behind.

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Daphne x goodsoniae 'Hinton' Daphne x goodsoniae 'Hinton'

The best seedling from a cross Robin White made between Daphne acutiloba and Daphne sericea 'Collina' with acutiloba as the seed parent although the pollen parent dominates the characteristics.  Robin authored a monograph on Daphne and is a genius breeder and nurseryman with impossibly high standards.  Goodson is his mothers maiden name so quality is a given in the low, open domed plant with fragrant, dusky pink flowers.

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