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Decaisnea fargesii CDHM 14633 Decaisnea fargesii CDHM 14633

Our collection from Leipingshan at 1800 meters in Guizhou in the fall of 2012.  We always get a kick out of this species with its long tropical pinnate leaves. insignificant pale flowers and extraordinarily significant clustered large blue bean pod fruit looking otherwordly.  Narrow small tree and very easy.

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Chrysosplenium alternifolium Chrysosplenium alternifolium

This is a cutey that is found in our state as well as around the globe in northern latitudes and the higher reaches.  As charming as it is, one wonders why it is not more widely grown.  Easy to please in a moist site and makes a deliciously cheery patch of fresh yellow flowers in spring.  The flowers, although small, are many and play counterpoint to larger flowers.

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