Welcome to Far Reaches Farm

A plant collector’s paradise, Far Reaches Farm is a rare plant specialty nursery in Port Townsend, Washington  with a mission to bring you exceptional and unusual plants rarely offered elsewhere. Through the work of our associated 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, Far Reaches Botanical Conservancy, we travel the distant corners to acquire and conserve horticulturally and botanically important rare plants, learn about them and teach what we know.

 We invite you to join us in our lifelong obsession with plants!

Sue Milliken and Kelly Dodson, proprietors

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With the State of Washington recognizing Far Reaches Farm as an essential business, we were pleased to resume our mail order shipping.  We had hoped that this would allow us to open for retail here – do we ever have the plants! - in some much reduced capacity or by appointment.  While we think that legally we could do this by observing the safety protocols which we have in place, we have decided that it would be irresponsible for us to open in any fashion for shopping here at the nursery.  It would feel too much like doing a loop-hole end-run around the intent of the Governor’s proclamation.  We have always put doing the right thing before doing the profitable thing and this is absolutely the right thing.


Our main concern is for safety which is more important than money.  As a large portion of our customers who shop here come from the Greater Puget Sound, Oregon and California, we want to make sure our staff, our community of Port Townsend and the Olympic Peninsula, do not incur exposure because of us selling really awesome and incredibly rare plants that look soooooo good right now.  Not to mention, we don’t want you taking any chances as we would prefer to have you enjoying Far Reaches plants for many years to come.  We know that for gardeners and collectors, plants are as essential as air and water but you will have to make do with our mail order offerings until the coast is clear. 


If you have made an appointment to come shop, our apologies but we have to cancel it.  However, we can offer curbside pickup for online/phone orders.


Thanks for understanding.


Kelly Dodson & Sue Milliken

Far Reaches Farm

Far Reaches Botanical Conservancy