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Deutzia hookeriana SBEC644 Deutzia hookeriana SBEC644

This has grown into one of our favorite small deciduous shrubs which we grow near our bog garden.  Collected in China on the Sino-British Expedition to Cangshan in 1981 which was one of the first western botanic expeditions to China in modern times.  Copious rosy-pink flowers on a 4'-6' tall shrub.  Zone 6 at least.

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Deutzia scabra 'Variegata' Deutzia scabra 'Variegata'

Grand deciduous shrub which brings a strong visual sashay to the garden with unapologetically brazen variegated leaves.  This makes eye contact and holds it until you respond.  Then the scented white flowers appear and you know you should leave but your feet don't move leaving you in the best sort of trouble.

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