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Dianthus 'Blue Hills' Dianthus 'Blue Hills'

A great Dianthus which was like pulling teeth to get Sue to part with a couple.  Makes a fine blue mat of foliage which is covered in eyes-a-popping single magenta pink flowers which have an intoxicating fragrance.  First class rockery plant - killer with that black quarry rock.

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Dianthus barbatus 'Monksilver Black' Dianthus barbatus 'Monksilver Black'

A Far Reaches Botanical Conservancy Offering.  Awesome Sweet William selected by John Grimshaw from seedlings at Monksilver Nursery and is notable for the foliage which turns maroon-black providing the perfect foil for the velvety maroon clustered flowers which smells of chocolate in warm weather - damn!  Cut back after flowering for another go around.  John personally gave us a piece from his garden so we have a fond attachment.

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Dianthus basuticus Dianthus basuticus

A seldom-encountered Dianthus from the mountains in South Africa.  Apparently the local indigenous use this in magic - we can attest we are transported briefly to another realm when this flowers.  Nice pink flowers on slowly spreading mats which is best suited for the rock garden.  Good drainage in full sun and hardy to zone 7 and possibly lower.

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Dianthus superbus Dianthus superbus

A collection from China by Olsen & Floden of this well-known ornamental pink or carnation.  Very nice to have a documented collection as the cultivated material can get a little diluted via unintentional hybridization in the garden.  I know that is some of the most fun we have in the garden.  Good lacy hot tomato/fuchsia-pink flowers that are scented.

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