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Dicentra cucullaria Dicentra cucullaria

Classic spring epehemeral of the eastern woodlands with ferny foliage in early spring and white flowers in March.  This will go dormant by late spring and is an excellent little plant to grow on top of later growing shade loving lily species or Arisaemas so that you get double duty out of the same planting spot.

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Dicentra formosa ssp oregana 'Langtrees' Dicentra formosa ssp oregana 'Langtrees'

Bleeding Heart.  Given the Award of Garden Merit in the UK, this is truly a winner with icy blue ferny foliage subtending the dangling white heart shaped flowers.  A superb form of our western native and deserving of a place in any garden.  Can you tell we like it?

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Ichtyoselmis (syn. Dicentra) macrantha Ichtyoselmis (syn. Dicentra) macrantha

Chinese Bleeding Heart.  This is a departure from the ferny foliaged Dicentras we are used to by sporting broad leaflets looking more Astilbe than Dicentra.  Another departure is the cream to soft yellow flowers.  Vigorous in moist rich soil, this makes an impressive patch quickly.

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