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Disporopsis aspersa MD06002 Disporopsis aspersa MD06002

Our collection from the Erlangshan in Sichuan in 2006 of a robust form of the species.  White flowers in small bells held under the evergreen stems.  Of the 8 or so clones of this species, this collection is easily the most vigorous spreader and held its evergreen foliage quite nicely through 6 nights of 15F.  Shade is good.

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Disporopsis aspersa RHR CH047 Disporopsis aspersa RHR CH047

Collected by Riz Reyes in Sichuan in 2005, this is a superb form of the species with the largest flowers of any of the clones we grow.  Admittedly, Disporopsis in flower will never make the cover of glossy magazine but this is good.  Whitish flowers with yellowish tones in the interior.  Evergreen to 24".

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Disporopsis jinfushanensis MD10-117 Disporopsis jinfushanensis MD10-117

Extreme rarity from the summit of Jinfoshan where this was found growing in moss and leaf litter atop a narrow shoulder of hard limestone napped in snow from the night before. A diminutive species to just 3" tall with small evergreen thumbnail leaves and small white flowers touched in rose on the interior. Light lavender fruit follows.

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Disporopsis luzoniensis BSWJ 3891 Disporopsis luzoniensis BSWJ 3891

A collection from the mountains of northern Luzon in the Philippines by the folks at Crug Farm.  This has the same evergreen nature as the other species with arching Solomon Seal-esque stems to 16", narrow elliptic leaves, white flowers and purplish fruit.  This is a good grower for mild gardens, rare of course.

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Disporopsis pernyi - China Clone Disporopsis pernyi - China Clone

This is a clone from a wild collection in China which came to us from a friend and we have finally a few to offer.  Evergreen leaves in our climate looking a lot like a Solomon Seal with similar white bells in spring.  The lavender fruits offer a subtle attraction in the shade garden later in the season.  We clip the old stems off in spring as the new starts to grow.

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Disporopsis taiwanensis BSWJ 3388 Disporopsis taiwanensis BSWJ 3388

This evergreen Solomon Seal lookalike represents a rare introduction from Taiwan by our friends at Crug Farm.  Originally described as the new species, taiwanensis in 1989, this was sunk into the Chinese species pernyi by Govaerts in 2000.  We could live with that if it was pernyi var. taiwanensis to indicate its unique geographical provenance.  Pretty cool either way.

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Disporopsis undulata Disporopsis undulata

A very low growing species which we received under the name jinfushanensis but have since had identified as undulata.  We saw the true jinfushanensis on Mt Jinfo fall of 2010 and it bears no resemblance to this which is better!  Slowly spreading evergreen stems and speckled whitish bells.

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