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Dryopteris championii Dryopteris championii

Champion's Fern.  Named for an English botanist who collected in Hong Kong, this grows in dry woods of China, Japan and one would suspect, the mountains of Hong Kong.  Evergreen with bright apple-green new fronds, this is certainly a champion among ferns combining beauty with resilience.

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Dryopteris cycadina Dryopteris cycadina

Shaggy Shield Fern.  This evergreen to semi-evergreen fern has a stellar vase-shaped habit with good dark green leaflets which contrast with the black scales on the stipe and rachis which is just  Pterid-talk for stem below the leaves and stem with the leaves.  Coldest part of its zonal range might precipitate a loss of fronds but it will be fine.  A bold and classic appearance for containers or the shaded garden where it is going to do best in moist to moderately moist soil.

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Dryopteris tokyoensis Dryopteris tokyoensis

Tokyo Wood Fern.  Classy deciduous species from Japan and Korea with good garden manners.  A necessary fern if you are a ferner and we are so we had to have it - more than one truth be told.  Deer and rabbit resistant which is critical in our garden.  We need to move the couch from the living room out to the garden at night so the dogs can send the vermin herbivores packing.

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