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Epilobium (syn. Zauschneria ) 'Select Mattole' Epilobium (syn. Zauschneria ) 'Select Mattole'

Humboldt County CA selection of Epilobium septentrionalis (Zauschneria).  This has vermillion-orange flowers and amazing silver foliage with a capacity to take the hottest sun and crappiest soil and still put on an unexpected floral display with no water from you once established.

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Epilobium canum 'El Tigre' syn. Zauschneria Epilobium (syn. Zauschneria) canum 'El Tigre'

A selection of this California Fuchsia from El Tigre Peak on Santa Cruz Island.  This used to be Zauschneria but is now in Epilobium.  This thrives in poor, dry soil that drains well and will spread to form a patch 4' across with late summer tubular scarlet flowers that are hummingbird crack.  Hardy to at least 15F and likely lower.

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Epilobium (syn. Zauschneria) 'Silver Select' Epilobium (syn. Zauschneria) canum 'Silver Select'

A nice silver-foliaged selection of the California Fuchsia.  This loves a well-drained soil in a hot sunny spot where it has lots of tubular bright orange hummingbird magnet flowers in late summer.  Disappears in winter but comes up from the spreading underground rhizomes.  Cut back in spring.

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Epilobium canum ssp. latifolium CEH 2229 Epilobium canum ssp. latifolium CEH 2229

Seed collected by FRBC botanist Dr. Cody Hinchliff in Arizona from a summer rainfall area. Don't panic - this will still be tolerant of dry but will be more amenable to summer water than others. Wider than tall as it spreads by underground stems, the narrowly tubular scarlet flowers are a late summer to fall delight.

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