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Epimedium grandiflorum 'Orion' Epimedium grandiflorum 'Orion'

A fine selection of this deciduous Japanese species which was introduced by We-Du Nursery. Sizable flowers of rich purple are the hallmark of this plant and it more than holds it own against more recent hybrids. All Epimediums can't be painted with the same drought tolerant brush and this one appreciates more water than the real drought tolerant species.

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Epimedium platypetalum Epimedium platypetalum

Quite an uncommon evergreen species in cultivation from Shaanxi and Sichuan possessing an impish charm to which few others in the genus can lay claim. A smaller species to 12" with cute rounded leaflets which subtend stems bearing rounded simple spurless flowers which are a soft yellow.  Good drought tolerance on this winsome cutey,

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Epimedium sempervirens 'Mars' Epimedium sempervirens 'Mars'

A lucky chance seedling in the late Harold Epstein's garden which distinguishes itself by sporting new growth of deep chocolate purple. This color seems further intensified by the contrast of the large pink-cupped flowers with flaring spurs of pale pink to white. Deciduous species from Japan.

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Epimedium wushanense - Spiny Leaf Seedlings Epimedium wushanense - Spiny Leaf Seedling

This is a seedling from one of the best clones of Darrell Probst's Spiny Leaf forms. The mama plant has luscious large bronzed new foliage with nice teeth on the margins and large creamy yellow flowers on low arching stems. The seedlings vary in flower color from light yellow to purplish flowers but all have seriously good foliage. All credit is due to the bees - we are just a conduit.

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