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Epipactis 'Sabine' Epipactis 'Sabine'

A vigorous cross between our native stream orchid Epipactis gigantea and the European marsh orchid, E. palustris.  This will make lots of stems to 18" with small flowers whose various parts are colored in orange-red, brownish and yellow and white.  Easy given a rich moist soil and hardy to Z5.

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Epipactis gigantea 'Eco-Arbuckle' Epipactis gigantea 'Eco-Arbuckle'

Collected by the late Don Jacobs from an especially robust population at the eastern extension of its range in in the Arbuckle Mountains of Oklahoma. This eastern extension our native Western Stream Orchid will soon form a colony of flowering stems with small orange-yellow-brown flowers. Moist to wet rich soil - it's easy!

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Epipactis gigantea 'Serpentine Night' Epipactis gigantea 'Serpentine Night'

A rich reddish purple foliage form of our native Western Stream Orchid.  Totally hardy outside and loves a wet spot but is perfectly happy in a garden bed that doesn't dry out.  This makes a colony of vibrant colored leafy stems bearing numerous orange-brown-yellow flowers.

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