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Euonymus cornutus Euonymus cornutus

Originally from Maurice Foster who is one of the UK's great plantsmen who would not gladly brook an inferior form.   This can hit 10' in height with a narrow aspect and generally deciduous willowish or bamboo-like leaves.  Small purplish flowers and outrageous jester's cap fruit with dangling orange arils.

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Euonymus fortunei CDHM 14676 Euonymus fortunei CDHM 14676

From Guangxi Province in China comes this small-leafed evergreen creeper/climber.  This was most attractive in the light to medium shade in the understory of a forested slope where it crept among mossy rocks and climbed a few feet up on nearby tree trunks.  Smaller in stature than Wolong Ghost, white veins on rounded leaves.

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Euonymous japonicus Dr Rokujo Variegated Euonymus japonicus Dr Rokujo Variegated

A truly dwarf evergreen shrub that will get about a foot tall at maturity yet manages to pack a lot of interest into small package.  Dense foliage picking up pinkish tints on a form evocative of a mountain in miniature.  This is emminently suitable for certain bonsai style plantngs or the rock garden or just any whimsical place.

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