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Ficus johannis subsp. afghanistanica 'Silver Lyre'
Ficus afghanistanica 'Silver Lyre'

Family:  Moraceae
Hardiness:  To Zone 8b
Mature Size:  8'-15'
Exposure:  part shade to sun
Bloom Time:  
Moisture Needs:  average to dry
Deer Resistant:  Yes
Origin: Iran, Afghanistan
Price: $16.00
Pot Size: Large Band Pot

Stock Status:In Stock
Product Code: P0182

A pretty cool introduction from Cistus Nursery from a batch of seedlings and this stood out with its silvery filigreed leaves.  A surprisingly hardy Fig with intriguing foliage and small figs which we have heard rumors of being edible.  Insert disclaimer here.  We've seen the species growing quite happily in the Cistus display gardens near Portland which attests to its love of heat (they are hot in so many ways) which we don't get here in maritime Port Townsend but which it does have in its native Iran and Afghanistan.  Plant this in a hot spot that gets on the dry side - it should love it.