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Ficus 'Ruth Bancroft' Ficus 'Ruth Bancroft'

This is a hybrid named by Sean Hogan which was found at the Ruth Bancroft gardens and is a suspected cross between the creeping Ficus pumila and the big edible fig, Ficus carica.  It does seem to be perfectly intermediate.  A rambler/scrambler for a sunny spot good for winding through shrubs.  Zone 8, tiny figs.

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Ficus pumila Ficus pumila

Steve Hootman saw this growing and established in a Pennsylvania garden and with a puzzled "What the hell?", immediately took cuttings.  This evergreen groundcover Ficus is most often grown as a houseplant but this Pennsylvania selection should do well in the PNW.  Will cling to walls or rocks.

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Ficus tikoua Ficus tikoua

We first encountered this species on the mid to lower slopes of the Cangshan Mountains. This species formed broad carpets of evergreen foliage covering the large rocks so as to give the impression of a tumultuous green sea frozen in place.  If you  have only very light frosts this would be a fine groundcover. This does have small reddish figs but stick to the ones you get at the store.

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Ficus vaccinioides Ficus vaccinioides

Sweet little evergreen groundcover from southern Taiwan where it grows at low to mid elevation in littoral thickets. Small rounded leaves and yes, there are very small figs but it would take a lot to make figgy pudding. Zone 8 hardy and grows at the Zone 7 Raulston Arboretum in a sheltered spot where it is deciduous in cold winters. Tolerant of shade.

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