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Ficus 'Ruth Bancroft' Ficus 'Ruth Bancroft'

This is a hybrid named by Sean Hogan which was found at the Ruth Bancroft gardens and is a suspected cross between the creeping Ficus pumila and the big edible fig, Ficus carica.  It does seem to be perfectly intermediate.  A rambler/scrambler for a sunny spot good for winding through shrubs.  Zone 8, tiny figs.

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Ficus afghanistanica 'Silver Lyre' Ficus johannis subsp. afghanistanica 'Silver Lyre'

Leave it to Sean Hogan to make selections of a species that hardly anyone grows or knows.  Thanks to him, we grow it and are on a steep learning curve.  This has silvery leaves nicely lobed and revels in heat and will take dry conditions perfectly which only increases its hardiness.  Thriving in Portland.  This can produce small edible fruit.  Deciduous by the way.

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