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Geum 'Beech House Apricot' Geum 'Beech House Apricot'

A smaller Geum from the UK with flowers of a gentle soft yellow shot through with apricot veining.  Our stock comes from the distinguished Hedgerows Nursery who bestowed us their plants of this upon their retirement and what a boon!  It made all those farewells pints well worth the expense.  A low grower well suited for growing near a path.

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Geum 'Bell Bank' Geum 'Bell Bank'

Awesome Geum rivale hybrid from Yorkshire plantsman Geoffrey Smith which we brought back from Binny Plants in Scotland some years ago and can now offer a few from division. This has a refinement lacking in the newer in-your-face hybrids which we quite appreciate. Nodding coppery-pink flowers straighten out becoming soft pink. This is the correct clone as opposed to mislabeled plants from Holland.

Price: $20.00
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Geum 'Pink Frills' Geum 'Pink Frills'

A lovely Geum we brought in from Scotland and at last have a few to share.  A smaller plant with flower stems to just 10"-12" tall holding soft pink flowers whose petal edges are toothed and feathered in an enchanting frill.  A color that blends gently with others and well able to stand out on its own merits.  We struggle to find fault.

Price: $20.00
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