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Gladiolus 'Ruby' Gladiolus 'Ruby'

A purported G. papilio hybrid, our mama plant when in bloom with its 5 foot stems of red-mauve flowers sporting dark eye patches, frequently caused plant geeks to start speaking in tongues and offer creative enticements in exchange for a wee bit.  We have had to say "No." until now.

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Gladiolus cardinalis Gladiolus cardinalis

Riveting species from mountainous regions in South Africa where it grows on moist cliffs and near waterfalls.  Vivid cardinal-red flowers on slender stems with white blazes on the lower 3 petals makes this nearly imperative to own.  This is hardy in the PNW thankfully especially if mulched in the event of severe winter cold.

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Gladiolus dalenii Gladiolus dalenii

A hardy Gladiolus that could win over that segment of gardeners who just don't like glads but we suspect they would be glad to grow this.  Happy even.  Some verging on ecstatic.  Smaller statured in leaf and flower, this will make nice clumps with flowers of  a clear,  soft creamery-butter yellow.  Mulch if winter is bitter.

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Gladiolus dalenii 'Boone' Gladiolus dalenii 'Boone'

Found in Boone North Carolina by an extension agent, this Glad is possibly a hybrid with dalenii and has pretty awesome cold hardiness having proven itself in zone 6.  July flower spikes to 4' with apricot flowers touched in peach at the petal tips as well as in the throat.  Very good increaser as this makes numerous cormlets so spread the love.

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