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Gunnera hamiltonii Gunnera hamiltonii

Very rare groundcover species from Southland and Stewart Island, New Zealand where this is restricted to just 4 small coastal populations comprised of just 6 individual plants.  The plants form flattened brown-gray rosettes - and spread by stolons in moist dune hollows.  Our plants have green leaves which may refer to our soils or geography.

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Gunnera prorepens Gunnera prorepens

A mat-forming, creeping bit of amusement from New Zealand where it grows from Auckland south.  This is related to the monster Gunnera of cast concrete leaf fame but is just a tad more manageable.  Great at pond's edge in the shaded woodland and small pipecleaners of reddish flowers are a pleasant surprise.

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Gunnera tinctoria Gunnera tinctoria

Big dude with leaves up to 5' across.  Bizarre flower cones evocative of times distantly primordial and the whole package begs to be the centerpiece of the Jurassic Garden.  I can see it - Tree Ferns, Cardiocrinums, Big Leaf Rhododendrons and Podophyllums playing off the Gunnera.  Rich moist soil and mulch in winter.

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