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Hedychium spicatum v. spicatum  MD0670 Hedychium cf. spicatum v. spicatum MD0670 (H. yunnanense?)

This a good form of the species from our collection in Yunnan in 2006 and one that we could be easily persuaded is actually H. yunnanense or H. forrestii as they look pretty similar but the showy red fruitingdisplay is so spicatum.  A fine and hardy garden plant with 30 white flowers per spike with coral highlights.

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Hedychium villosum var. tenuifolium KWJ12305 Hedychium villosum var. tenuiflorum KWJ12305

Small winter-flowering species collected by Kettle and Wynn-Jones on Mt Fansipan in northern Vietnam. This is nice little ginger given varietal status due to its larger flowers and much larger sagittate anthers. Sagittate anther envy - it happens even in the plant world. Stems to 28" with very nice spidery white lightly scented flowers

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