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Hosta 'Canadian Shield' Hosta 'Canadian Shield'

This is maybe the best green leafed Hosta.  That is our opinion and we're sticking with it.  A richly lustrous green with nice ribbing to the leaf surface on a perfectly sized and compact plant.  Sometimes proportion and presentation meet at that sweet spot of perfection and this is such an instance.  Lavender flowers.

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Hosta 'Little Aurora' Hosta 'Little Aurora'

This is a gleaming bit of sunshine carried into your shadowed shade garden and released.  The cupped leaves to just 5" high bring more light to their bit of turf than their size would suggest.  The small light lilac flowers are nice but incidental because with this Hosta it is all about the glow.

Price: $15.00
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Hosta ventricosa H2MD 071 Hosta ventricosa H2MD 071

Our collection of this admittedly plain green-leafed hosta which might be easily be passed over without access to the full story but we feel the lack of variegation and absence of an inspired marketing name is more than offset by the considerable panache attached to a documented collection of wild provenance. Nerd up, yo. Violet flowers.

Price: $16.00
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